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Pleasantville Family Camp July 26 - August 3, 2019

For the upcoming 2019 Family Camp, we will be blessed by having the following leaders.

Camp Evangelist-Doug Newton

Doug Newton has been a pastor for 40 years. He is the senior editor of the award-winning Light & Life magazine for 15 years. The lead administrator of a Christian boarding school in Appalachia. He and his wife are co-directors of a national prayer ministry. 

Worship Leaders- Eric and Vanessa Knapp

Eric and Vanesa Knapp live in the country just outside of Corry, Pennsylvania with their four children; Aiden-13, Ariel-11, Titus-9 and Levi-7.  These high school sweethearts have been married for just over 17 years and have been leading worship together for 12 of them.    They have always felt it to be important to include their whole family in their ministry and in doing so, have passed their all-in love for God and passion to worship, down to their children.  While Ariel, Titus and Levi love to help lead songs and motions in both weekly children’s church and Vacation Bible School; their oldest son, Aiden, can be found on stage with his parents every Sunday, as the worship team's drummer.  

Eric and Vanesa often refer to themselves as lead worshippers; meaning that what they do on stage is not at all about performing.  To them, worship is deep within their core.  It fulfills what God has equipped and called them to do for His glory.  Their position at the Youngsville Free Methodist Church, is not only to help uphold the pastoral staff in their ministry together, but also to lead by example.  They lead the congregation through their own authentic worship.  And while it may not be the same any two weeks in a row, it is always about helping people to connect with their King.  




Please check back as the Pleasantville Familly Camp Planning Committee meets and schedules activities and events. We will be updating this page with the information provided.

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